This piece is currently out of stock and is a to order only.  Handcrafted sterling silver circular pendant with polished cement centre on a fine silver 20" chain with circular clasp. It is 2.3cms in diameter and 4mm deep.  This is a new collection based on line and symmetry, the cool line of the silver is in direct contrast to the dark polished cement. Cement is a highly versatile material that is totally overlooked within the jewellery industry because of its utilitarian nature, but as with many things it polishes up beautifully.The circular clasp can be worn to the front just sitting above the pendent to add to the aesthetic quality.


  • Please allow up to 3 weeks delivery at this current time
  • the necklace will arrive beautifully packaged in its own box, with a bow and business card
  • If you wish it to be sent as a gift directly to the person you can rest assured the packaging will be perfect and ready to reflect the lovely item inside.
  • each individual piece is hand made in my studio in Surrey
  • the nature of silver is to tarnish when subjected to sunlight, to restore it back to look the same as the day you received it gently rub with a silver polishing cloth.

Handcrafted silver and polished cement circular pendant

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  • Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted from the design process through to the making and polishing of each piece.  The nature of silver will tarnish when exposed to daylight, to keep your piece as fresh as the day you received it rub gently with a silver polishing cloth.