Lets grow together and find our way through these uncertain times.

Being creative is a great way of changing your mood and redirecting your thoughts, when you are drawing, sewing, painting or creating a piece of jewellery you are completely focused on your activity. You are challenging your mind to use skills that you have either developed or are developing, both can be equally frustrating.

Grayson Perry at the moment is doing a series of excellent programmes, called Grayson's art club on Channel 4, Monday evenings at 8 o clock, encouraging us all to engage with the left side of our brain and pick up a pencil or paintbrush and show the world what you are capable of achieving. It is amazing how simple a task and how engaging it can be. Portrait week, draw with anything on anything, but just draw, observe and have a go. This week is fantasy week, use collage, paint, stencils sewing, to create something out of this world, a total fantasy.....

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